Published: December 2023

Christmas is coming! Enjoy the tradition of giving gifts and christmas shopping at Airshops


Christmas is a time of celebration that we all enjoy; being with family, christmas carols, holidays, food, piñatas, but one of the things that excites us the most are the gifts.


It is said that the tradition of giving gifts on these dates began 2,000 years ago or even a little more, and back then the custom was to give food, poems, songs or handmade toys. However, with the passage of time, and as a consequence of the industrial revolution, Christmas has been celebrated with all kinds of gifts. 


Gifts have become so important at this time of the year, that we often get stressed thinking about what to give, however, we want you to be relieved, in Airshops we have the ideal gifts for this holiday season


On your next trip to Cancun or Riviera Maya, you have to visit and explore the great variety of stores and options we have to make your dreams come true and surprise the ones you love the most. We have brands for the little ones like Distroller, Mumuso, Miniso, to the most exclusive ones like Psycho Bunny, Pineda Covalin.


The Christmas atmosphere in our stores at this time of the year will make magic for you to choose the best gifts. In the duty free stores in the international departure or arrival areas, you will find a long list of options and details such as: perfumes, lotions for ladies and men, gold and silver jewelry pieces such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces; as well as purses, bags, cosmetics, liquors, electronics and more.


Enter this link: and find the arrivals and departures information to verify the terminal where your flight arrives or from where you are boarding and plan the best Christmas shopping!


On our website you will also find the restaurants, stores and services we have available in the different terminals, as well as exclusive Christmas promotions that will make your shopping experience simply magical. 


Giving gifts to our family and loved ones is, without a doubt, one of the best things about this season, experience it at Airshops.

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